I do not dare look into your green eyes they strangle me And I will not shed my clasping mantle I will not let you its comfort and warmth will keep me safe whilst you have no right to threaten you do not understand you do not listen you smirk and wound my callous cover … Continue reading Lucius

Vogue Paris and Guy Bourdin- The Double Page Spread

The fashion photographer Guy Bourdin contributed regularly to Vogue Paris throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s. As his work developed he became a master of the double page spread according to Shelly Verthime, editor of  Guy Bourdin: In Between (2010). In both the book and exhibition of the same name, Verthime worked with master retoucher and creative director, Pascal … Continue reading Vogue Paris and Guy Bourdin- The Double Page Spread

Jean-Paul Sartre

Today, the 15th April, marks the anniversary of the death of the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Sartre was and remains a leading figure in the philosophy of existentialism and Marxism. He believed that, as humans, ‘we are condemned to be free’, with no essence before our existence because there is no creator humans are fully … Continue reading Jean-Paul Sartre

10 Favourite Films

Since retiring, academic Jim Warden meets every Tuesday at Melbourne University with former colleagues to discus various topics and enjoy Australian red wine (only red wine)! They each take a bottle of wine and then guess what grape it is.  The list of films below derived from Jim’s and the film critic, Brian McFarlane’s discussion … Continue reading 10 Favourite Films